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Hello friends! We would like to give everyone an advice on how you could protect your account from hacking. This would be a very big help to everyone specially to the Ameba Pico players who doesn't know how hacking happens.

    What is hacker? Actually, and if you come to think of it, there are lots of types of hackers and hacking way around. Nowadays, hackers are also known as computer criminals, the ones who use and break computers using software/programs in computers/internet. As you can see, there are many users of Ameba Pico who are using programs to cheat on the game, probably, they are not aware that they are a hacker tho not a professional one. When someone log in your account and you lost your stuffs, it is one of the types of hacking too. And most of the hacking victims are facebook users.

    The most possible reason why the hacking happens is because people wants Ameba Gold because when people talk about 'free Ameba Gold', it is easy to catch our ears to trust them. "Trust me", "I'm not a hacker", "I just want to help" are one of the effective words from them. Most of the Ameba Pico hackers asking you for your account information and for the exchange of it is they are going to give you Ameba Gold. Some hacking ways are through websites like asking your information to log in/ register and with this, the site maker will know your account info.
 The other one is, you'll be receiving a message from an unknown pico named: Ameba OfficerAmeba AdminAmeba Staff and etc. (Just like what I reported long time ago to the admins) telling you that there was an occurred in their system and they have to log in your account to fix it. Please, never believe this. If ever there was an error occurred on Ameba Pico, official admins and staff doesn't have to ask for your account information because they have the power to control your account. Just like when banning a user or giving Ameba gold when you won their official contest they could give your prize w/o knowing your e-add and password.

Here's some advises for everyone to help to avoid hacking.
How to avoid hacking
  • Asking your account information and you're probably not aware of it. Remember to be aware of the questions that the pico users asking you, specially the random picos.
  • Do not click a link/website that you are not familiar with.
  • Believing the people that he/she will give you an Ameba Gold w/o any reason.
The best way to do when you are experiencing these mentioned stuff is Contact and Report to the Ameba Pico Admins.

Got Hacked?

    If you got hacked and your items, AGs are gone, please remember that Admins/Staffs can't do something about it to retrieve of what you have lost. It is your priority to protect your own account,your own account information. But if you're aware who's the one who hacked you, don't forget to Contact and Report to the Admins with REAL evidences. I'm sure that they will do anything they can for their gamers.

How can I get the real evidences if the hacking was done? :(

    I believe that, before you take an action and decide,... you should always take some notes for it. Like what we're doing, our pico camera/ print screen + paint and screen video are always ready. So what ever happens, you can do something for proofs.

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Thank You Friends!

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Ameba Pico Challengers (For pilipino only)

Mga kasali lang sa group ko ang pwedeng sumali

Q: Paano mag rerehistro?

Facebook name:
Pico name:

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Knight Princesses

Pico name: 。◕‿◕。Rose。◕‿◕。

"Knight Princesses"
Description:Long time ago 2 little princesses the name of the 2 princess is Hazel and rose ann they fight together then they become the 2 greatest heroes then their parents fight and their mother win then their mother fight rose ann then  rose ann wins then their mother died cause of the sickness ~THE END~

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Is my new Room is beautiful?

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  3. then if you say my room is ugly i will close my blog now :(

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